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FW18 - Polaroid Eyewear

For Polaroid Eyewear's fall and winter collection we wanted to bring to life their promise of the ‘Instant Experience’ for two featured collections. 

To bring the collections to life we created two different worlds and stories thread together with the theme of possibility and self-expression.  

The two highly designed, open air concepts allowed us to feature the products unique qualities and the brands impulsivity and adventurous nature in two vastly different ways. 

For this campaign we wanted to explore the idea of building our branded design elements into the set itself and capturing them in camera as part of the story.  

My Role : Executive Creative Director



For the bold FW17 POP collection we focused on a more cinematic direction, capturing our couple transforming an ordinary moment into something with vivid possibility.

This feeling of possibility as well as the eyewear design inspired our location, wardrobe and set design choices. For the POP sun hero imagery, signs were built onto the roof in the shape of the brand's logo, the pixel. For the hero optical image (below) we created a dinner setting pulling from the colors and shapes of the collection. 



For the unusual and beautiful FW17 COOL collection we wanted to push for a hyper surreal approach - capturing a couple caught up in a dream-like moment in the middle of no where.

For the COOL hero image (below) we wanted to bring to life another psychedelic layer by building multi colored neon lights in the shape of the brand pixel. 

With the sun setting and the neon lights cascaded in the background we were able to capture the sense of freedom we set out to. 

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

To be used as social content to accompany and tease out the campaign we captured various shots, warming up our talent and documenting the process.

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