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The Fishbowl - Polaroid Eyewear

In a 5 minute film one man's (a man that inspired Steve Jobs after all) vision for a better world is demonstrated throughout the decades, sparking imagination and curiosity at every opportunity.

This story and accompanied interactive platform relay the creative, democratic and optimistic spirit that Polaroid eyewear was founded on and still inspires today. 

My Role : Executive Creative Director 

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Full interactive experience here 

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where past meets future

where past meets future

The story of Polaroid eyewear doesn't end in it's past. These ideals and beliefs live on today, in new imaginative ways. 

To bring the brands past into the present we created a series of 'future lens stories’ to live along side and extend from key scenes within the 5 minute film.

These five stories live on an interactive digital platform where people are able to explore polaroid's past and present in a simple navigation timeline.

Full interactive experience here 

(More about the side stories in the following project.) 

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